About us

Research, Innovation, Essentiality

PriGen was set up in 2003 by a group of researchers with expertise in the field of pharmaceutical biotechnology. The company carries out research and development activities in the different areas of biotechnology, pharmaceutics, molecular diagnostics and skin care. In the context of these research activities, our scientists developed and patented an innovative technology – Glycerosomal Technology – for the controlled release of active ingredients for topical application in the fields of both medical devices and skin care products.
Based on this innovative technology, PriGen has developed, in the skin care area, essential, non-aggressive formulations with high concentrations of hyaluronic acid, capable of providing the skin with the correct daily dose of active substances, in the absence of potential allergens.

GEN-HYAL: the line of essential skin care products

 In 2007 PriGen developed a new line of skin care products, whose main feature is to offer high-level formulations for topical dermatological use, free of potential allergens and containing high concentrations of hyaluronic acid.
Thanks to our innovative Glycerosomal Technology, unprecedented results have been obtained in the development of topical formulations.
The line of skin care products incorporates and embodies a concept of innovative formulation, technology and essentiality, in keeping with what the company considers its corporate mission in the field of topical formulations.

Glycerosomal Technology

 The experience gained by PriGen scientists in the field of biomedical research has enabled them to develop and patent an innovative technology: Glycerosomal Technology. Through the use of this technology our scientists are able to develop topical formulations capable of:

•    enhancing skin permeation of the active ingredients
•    protecting the active ingredient inside the formulation
•    eliminating or reducing the use of surfactants and oily substances.

Glycerosomal Technology was developed in the PriGen laboratories, and its benefits studied and applied in both the skin care and biomedical fields. Recent studies have shown that the use of this technology boosts the action of active ingredients more than threefold compared to normal formulations. Source: Int J  Pharm 455 (2013) 66-74
In 2013 PriGen was granted Italian Patent no. 0001398268 and International Patent No. PCT/EP2010/001428.

Research projects and subcontracted services

PriGen is engaged in research & development in the Biotech and Pharma sectors, where it carries out numerous research projects in partnership with well-known scientific institutions and private companies.
PriGen offers research and consulting services in the fields of biomedicine and skin care, combining development and production for third parties with the commercialization of its own products.


Our mission is to prevent and repair the signs of aging, supporting and improving skin health by developing essential and non-aggressive formulations, capable of providing the correct daily dose of active ingredients, in the absence of potential allergens.

Our research is based on four main principles:

Essential skin care products

Our formulations have been designed to ensure the greatest cosmetic efficacy without causing allergic reactions. All our products are characterized by an absence of allergy-inducing ingredients such as colorants, parabens, surfactants, nickel, PEG or other chemical additives. SUITABLE FOR THE MOST SENSITIVE SKINS.

Anti-aging efficacy

PriGen products are formulated with high concentrations of active ingredients in a pure form combined with natural active substances to prevent and repair the signs of natural and environmental aging. Thanks to the highly effective formulas and innovative technology resulting from our research, we are able to achieve unprecedented results in the development of topical formulations.

Quality of the production process

The formulations have been developed for topical dermatological use and the production process complies with the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards for which it is certified. The selection and concentration of the active ingredients used is carefully controlled so as to guarantee the highest level of efficacy in the total absence of chemical additives.

Patented Glycerosomal Technology

The use of this technology is highly innovative and protected by a PATENT. Formulations based on this technology are able to ensure optimal levels of stability and cutaneous biocompatibility, while not requiring the use of chemical emulsifiers.