Gen-Hyal Eyes

Eyes contour anti-wrinkles serum with highly effective draining action, Gen-Hyal Eyes is based on high-concentration hyaluronic acid. Can be used to correct and prevent eye bags and dark circles.

Size: 15 ml|0.5 fl oz airless bottle

Based on Patented Glycerosomal Technology


Gen-Hyal Eyes is an eyes contour & anti-wrinkles serum containing a high concentration of both high- and low-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid (400 kDa + 1.700 kDa). Specially studied for the eyes contour area, our eyes contour smoothing serum has no allergy-inducing potential, is non-oily, has strong soothing properties, and can be used both to treat and to prevent eye bags and dark circles, while simultaneously providing a marked and effective anti-age action.

Anti-aging decongestant, non-greasy and suitable for sensitive skin. This serum is developed with the GLYCEROSOMAL TECHNOLOGY that boosts the action of active ingredients more than threefold compared to normal formulations. It does not contain parabens, PEG, silicones, surfactants, synthetic oils, petrolatum, chemical emulsifiers, PPG and formaldehyde. FRAGRANCE FREE.

How to use: apply a small amount of serum to the areas to be treated morning and night, patting lightly with a fingertip. For intensive night-time treatment, use a greater quantity of serum and apply gently.

Ingredients (INCI)


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