Gen-Hyal Premium

Gen-Hyal Premium is a high-viscosity serum extreme filler effect. Based on hyaluronic acid at its highest concentration and dual molecular weight. An indispensable ally for treating the areas around the lips and areas prone to expression lines.

Size: 30 ml|1.01 fl oz dispenser bottle


High-viscosity extreme filler effect serum containing very high concentrations of dual molecular-weight hyaluronic acid. The serum’s high viscosity, resulting from the very high concentration of hyaluronic acid, combined with the dual molecular weight, produces simultaneous effects at different skin levels, ensuring intense hydration, a highly effective smoothing action, and a dramatic attenuation of the visible signs of aging.

How to use: apply a very small amount of serum to the most troublesome areas such as around the lips and or areas prone to expression lines. Apply gently and leave to dry completely.

If necessary, apply a layer of Gen-Hyal El-Argàn to give elasticity to dry skin.

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Additional information


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