Skin care

Technology, Essentiality, Efficacy

In 2007, the PriGen laboratories developed a new line of skin care products with high-level formulations: GEN-HYAL® Skin Care. Research and development in the area of biotechnology led to the creation of a line of skin care products based on the essentiality of formulations and the high level of purity of the components used, so as to obtain maximum efficacy in the absence of potential allergenic effects. GEN-HYAL® formulations are all free of colorants, emulsifiers or chemical additives, and are based on high concentrations of hyaluronic acid.

The principles underlying the GEN-HYAL® dermocosmetic line:

Patented Glycerosomal Technology

The innovative Glycerosomal Technology, patented by PriGen in 2013, has allowed for unprecendented results in the development of topical formulations. Glycerosomes are completely biocompatible structures composed of soy lecithin and capable of protecting active ingredients and promoting their action. Recent studies have in fact demonstrated that the use of this technology boosts the action of active ingredients more than threefold compared to normal formulations.
And this same technology provides the basis for some of the formulations used in the Gen-Hyal® line, which incorporates and embodies a concept of innovative formulation, technology and essentiality, in keeping with what the company considers its corporate mission in the field of topical formulations.

Essential INCI

The INCI ingredient list is conventionally compiled in decreasing order, with the ingredient contained in the highest percentage placed first, followed by all the other ingredients down to the one present in the lowest percentage. In GEN-HYAL® formulations hyaluronic acid is always contained in high percentages and is listed as the second to fourth ingredient (after water) on the INCI list, followed only by substances needed to ensure maximum efficacy and reduce the allergenic potential.

100% hypoallegenic / Biocompatible

Our formulations have been studied too provide maximum efficacy without allergenic effects. All formulations are in fact free of parabens, surfactants, Nichel, PEG or other chemical additives.

Gen-Hyal® formulations don’t irritate the skin, are non-aggressive and are completely biocompatible since hyaluronic acid is a molecule that is naturally present in the human body.

For highly sensitive skins

Our mission is to maintain and improve skin health, by developing essential and NON-AGGRESSIVE formulations capable of providing the correct daily dose of active ingredients, in the absence of potential allergens. The formulations have been developed for topical dermatological use and are suitable for even the most sensitive skins. OUR PRODUCTS CAN BE USED EVERY DAY, SEVERAL TIMES A DAY, ON ANY AREA OF THE BODY, WITHOUT ANY FEAR OF ALLERGIC REACTIONS.

The GEN-HYAL® skin care line incorporates and embodies the concept of innovative formulation, technology and essentiality, in keeping with our corporate mission in the field of topical formulations.

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